Dr. Tendayi Bloom

Associated Researcher. UNU-GCM

  • Dr. Tendayi BloomTendayi Bloom is a political theorist who has taught and published in the fields of Legal and Political Theory, Ethics, and Politics. She is interested in the nature of noncitizenship, and how existing systems can be used to improve rights-acquisition for noncitizens. Methodologically, she is interested in using a multidisciplinary approach to uncover new perspectives on existing debates, and to bring together concerns from the field and from activists with academia. In this, she is supported by experience working directly with a range of migration stakeholders in a range of contexts. She is also interested in the use of internet technologies to open debate to wider audiences, and between a wider range of stakeholders, and ways in which such technologies can support rights-acquisition for non-citizens.

  • E-mail: bloom@unu.edu