Summer Schools

The United Nations University (UNU) also offers a number of others courses, ranging from summer schools providing training for PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and research-oriented practitioners on theoretical and methodological aspects of research related to migration to intensive courses on climate change and forced migration. Non-degree courses are offered throughout the UNU Migration Network and attract a truly diverse student body.

Some courses allow students to earn credit towards their degree; others lead to a UNU certificate upon completion. Courses maintain a problem-oriented focus with the aim of providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the way in addressing globally pressing problems. The problem-oriented nature and global setting of UNU’s non-degree course catalogue allows for a classroom experience that is unique to a university within the United Nations framework.

Application procedures differ by programme and institute. If you are interested in one of the programmes advertised on this website, please contact the relevant institute directly with any questions.