UNU Migration Network


    About the network

    The United Nations University Migration Network is a research platform across Institutes of the UNU that shares expertise on Migration. It has been formed from the premise that migration is a major phenomenon of the twenty-first century, with impact at local and global levels. The UNU Migration Network includes all those UNU Institutes working on the topic of migration with the aim of examining in depth the needs of people who find themselves in the particular situation of migrants from different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Migration can enrich societies, but it can also give rise to challenges for both individuals involved in the migration process and governments and non-governmental organizations with stakes in the process. The UNU Migration Network analyzes and informs on all these aspects.

    As a collaborative initiative, the mission of the UNU Migration Network is to support the sharing of knowledge and research practices; to find links between supposedly different approaches to the study of migration, such 
as those between environmental causes for migration and economic consequences; to inform policy on matters related to human security; to promote comparative regional perspectives on migration; to consider patterns of internal migration; to jointly influence governments or regions; It also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals and to UNU’s role as a policy-influencing body. It further acts as a vehicle for good initiatives and local practice to be discussed more widely. It offers a forum for the development of new synergies between UNU’s Institutes in order to both create and spread cutting edge research.

    This website intends to provide both the general public and stakeholders with easy access to information on the results obtained through the Network’s research programs and subsequent policy recommendations, as well as to communications about its past, ongoing and upcoming events and activities.

    Institutes involved