Dr. Koko Warner

Academic Officer, Head of Section. UNU-EHS

  • Dr. Koko WarnerDr. Koko Warner is the Head of the Environmental Migration, Social Vulnerability and Adaptation Section at UNU-EHS. Warner is a Lead Author for IPCC´s 5th Assessment Report, Working Group 2 on Adaptation (chapter 20). Warner researches risk management strategies of the poor in adapting to changing environmental and climatic conditions. She directs three research tracks at UNU related to adaptation: the use of risk management and risk transfer measures, social resilience and environmental change, and environmentally induced migration.

    Warner served on the management board of the EACH-FOR project, a first-time global survey of environmentally induced migration in 23 countries. She was Co-Chair of the German Marshall Fund project on Climate Change and Migration. She helped found and is on the Steering Committee of the Climate Change, Environment, and Migration Alliance (CCEMA) and works extensively in the context of the UNFCCC climate negotiations on adaptation (particularly in risk management and migration). She is co-chair of the German Marshall Fund Study Team on Climate Change and Migration, part of the FP7 Project “Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Resources” (CLICO), oversees the work of the Munich Re Foundation Chair on Social Vulnerability project at UNU-EHS, a network of seven endowed professors and a community of scholars working on related topics. Koko is the UNU focal point to the UNFCCC, focal point for climate adaptation and the Nairobi Work Programme. She is currently UNU focal point to the HLCP. She is a member of the UN´s Interagency Standing Committee, Task force on Climate Change, Migration and Displacement.

    At UNU-EHS, Koko Warner is responsible for adaptation research related to environmentally induced migration and climate risk insurance. She heads the UNU-EHS Section on Environmental Migration, Social Vulnerability and Adaptation. Her research area encompasses the development of methodologies to identify and measure environmentally induced migration and coping capacity of societies, economies and the environment to hazards of natural origin. She is an executive board member of the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) and directs its activities as a work activity based at UNU-EHS. She is a focal point for:

    • Environmentally induced migration
    • Climate risk insurance and financial coping mechanisms and climate change
    • Social Vulnerability research and capacity development of PhDs in this area.

    Warner advises graduate students (PhDs and masters students) working on their theses on social vulnerability and environmentally forced migration-related themes.


  • e-mail: warner@ehs.unu.edu

    Tel.: + 49-228-815-0226