PhD programme on Innovation, Economics, Governance and Sustainable Development (IEGSD)


    UNU-MERIT Graduate School runs a PhD programme on Innovation, Governance and Sustainable Development, offering high-quality education, training and supervision to its PhD candidates, and leading to a doctoral degree from Maastricht University. Through our disciplinary and multidisciplinary research, our ambition is to contribute to the academic debate and to societal policy and innovation solutions at all stages of the policy process: from the setting of a policy agenda to the delivery and evaluation of public policy. In meeting these twin aims, we ensure that our research maintains the highest standards of academic and scientific excellence and rigour, while remaining policy relevant.

    The PhD programmeis hosts over 100 PhD fellows working on a doctoral dissertation within the core disciplines of UNU-MERIT:

    1. The economics of innovation — Topics of interest include: the process of technological change and innovation; the economics of knowledge and new technologies; structural change and economic development; economic complexity and innovation.
    2. Public policy and governance — Topics of interest include: governance and institutions; migration and development; population, development and labour economics; social protection; poverty and inequality; policy analysis and evaluation.
    3. Societal transformations — Topics of interest include:  innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable transitions; sustainable innovation and transformation; system transitions; innovation for the ‘base of the Pyramid’

    To accommodate the need for a large community of scholars active in the core areas of the institute and the increasingly hybrid type of PhD positions held to conduct the PhD trajectory, the UNU-MERIT PhD programme is composed of two different PhD tracks: the full-time track and the part-time (dual career) track.

    Both programme tracks start in September. For both tracks we open a call for applications in November with a deadline end of February for candidates starting the following September.

    See here for more information.