Dr Hannah Thinyane from UNU-CS contributed to GFEMS webinar

  • 2020•09•17     Macau

    In June, Principal Research Fellow and Migrant Tech Project Lead, Dr Hannah Thinyane, was invited to share how technology could help identify and address modern slavery through workers’ feedback at a webinar titled “Using Employee Feedback to Assess Working Conditions: Identifying Risks through Worker Engagement” organized by the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) and the International Organization on Migration (IOM).

    She highlighted Apprise as a prime example of how worker voice technology can effectively identify forced labour and ensure that workers’ voices are both central and confidential during social audits to assess, address, and remediate risk and modern slavery across supply chains.  At the webinar’s conclusion, supply chain actors were recommended to have secure, confidential, and accessible feedback mechanisms for social compliance audits. Technology interventions such as Apprise were featured as proactive supply-chain interventions that have the potential to mitigate the risk of modern slavery.

    The booklet of the webinar is available here.