UNU Migration Network at COP28

  • 2023•12•22     Dubai

    This year, at COP28, UNU Migration Network Researchers Dr. Nidhi Nagabathla (UNU-CRIS), Dr. Sanae Okamoto (UNU-MERIT) and Dr. Charlotte Scheerens (UNU-CRIS) co-organised and participated in two COP28 Side Events, alongside other partners.

    The first event was focussed on ‘Drying, Droughts, Desertification and Mental Health: Addressing Gaps and Needs for Community Well-Being’ and aimed to foster a dialogue elucidating the nexus between climate change and mental health in drying and drought periods. Full details about the content and participants can be found here.

    The second event was focussed on ‘Climate Change and Mental Health: Understanding Risks and Empowering Opportunities’ and aimed to enhance understanding of the impacts of climate change on mental health by recognizing multiple risk factors, and discussing opportunities – fostering pro-environmental behaviour, traditional /community approaches, AI /digitalization, and climate-resilient community planning to empower affected populations.  Full details about the content and participants can be found here.

    In addition, UNU Migration Network Researchers Dr. Nidhi Nagabathla (UNU-CRIS) and Dr. Sanae Okamoto (UNU-MERIT) co-organised a panel with the Climate Cares Centre at the COP28 Health Pavilion. The panel discussion focussed on “Connecting psychological resilience and mental health to climate action: Insights and hopes of young people” and was moderated by Sacha Wright, Force of Nature, on Friday 8 December. During the session, the UNU research team shared research insights on climate change’s diverse mental health impacts for young people and other stakeholders, including migrants and indigenous peoples, more so in urban settings. The full recording of this session can be found here.