UNU Rector Delivers Statements as Chair of Global Migration Group

  • 2017•07•03     Berlin

    UNU Rector David M. Malone, in his role as Chair of the Global Migration Group (GMG), delivered statements at two key international conferences on migration held in Berlin this month. At the Fourth Global Mayoral Forum on Migration and Development, 26-27 June, Rector Malone spoke to the critical role played by cities – and the Mayors and local authorities who lead them – as the first receivers of refugees and migrants, commending their actions providing much-needed humanitarian assistance and building inclusive societies.

    At the 10th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), 28-30 June, Rector Malone spoke on the role of the GMG and the larger UN System in supporting the intergovernmental process towards a Global Compact on safe, orderly and regular migration. The states-led GFMD, which is being co-chaired by Germany and Morocco in 2017-2018, is currently working on the theme “Towards a Global Social Contract on Migration and Development”.