Una tierra de acogida: What is Spain’s role in the development of international good practice?


  • 2013•12•10     Barcelona

    UNU-GCM marked International Human Rights Day on 10th December 2013 in Barcelona, joined by a range of expert participants and members of the public, to discuss the areas in which Spain can contribute to the development of international good practice in the protection of vulnerable migrants.

    The event began with the oral testimonies of three members of the asylum-seeking and refugee community in Barcelona. Following this, coming from Madrid were Joaquín Támara, Subdirector of the Office of Asylum in the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and Juan Carlos Arnáiz, Associated Protection Official of the Delegation of UNHCR in Spain. From Barcelona were Xavier Alonso, Head of Foreign Affairs and Labour Relations of the Directorate for Immigration at the Generalitat and Estel·la Pareja, Director of the Catalan Commission for Refugee Assistance.

    You can find more information, including links to the recordings played at the event, transcriptions, and the texts of the interventions in both Spanish and English on the UNU-GCM events page.