Watching a World in Motion: New Policy Brief


  • 2014•02•27     Maastricht

    International migration is frequently discussed in terms of development. We often hear that there are some 214 million international migrants, and that one in seven people is a migrant when internal mobility is included.

    According to the World Bank, these migrants will send more than half a billion US dollars in remittances this year, the lion’s share going to developing countries. Yet beyond the numbers lies a complex and messy reality, one that calls for urgent policy responses at all levels of government.

    From the deaths of migrants crossing the desert in Niger, to reports of migrant abuse in the Middle East, to the portability of social protection rights, the IS Academy Final Conference, held by UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance from 22-24 January 2014, delved deeper into the complex relationships between migration and development. Click here to see the fruit of this conference, including a policy brief and a series of videos.