Diaspora Engagement Policies: A Comparison between the Turkish and Moroccan Case


  • 2016•04•01

    Ozge Bilgili and Silja Weyel

    Diaspora engagement policies have been important in both Turkey and Morocco as a means of economic development. Both have long had policies in place to engage their diasporas and encourage them to invest in their home countries and increase remittances. The multiplicity of policies and the departments within both governments that manage these policies are reflection of the importance each nation has placed on engagement. Moreover, programs in both countries often were not not coordinated and as a remedy recently umbrella government institutions are established. Given that both umbrella organisations are relatively new, it remains to be seen if these organizational changes will strengthen either country’s efforts.

    This chapter can be found in D. Besharov and M. Lopez (Eds.) Adjusting to a World in Motion: Trends in Global Migration and Migration Policy. Boston: Oxford University Press.