Globalisation and the Emerging Regional Governance of Labour Rights

  • 2013•12•18

    Sonja Schröder, Maria Cristina Macovei , Philippe De Lombaerde and Bob Deacon

    This paper is part of a special issue on the labour market consequences of globalisation and regionalisation. The papers presented are new contributions dealing with labour market institutions, efficiency wages, employment effects of outward foreign direct investment, immigration patterns, and regional social and labour policies. These diverse issues are dealt with in their relation with increasing globalisation in developed economies. A more comprehensive analysis of globalisation, which takes into account the complementarity of the different channels through which its effects on labour markets are transmitted, becomes more and more necessary. The papers of the special issue attempt to look into a number of these channels and to some extent into their complementarity. The major conclusions of the papers in the special issue are put into the perspective of the state of the art of the research on the social impact of globalisation, particularly the labour market consequences.

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    Title of the Journal in which the article appears:
    International Journal of Manpower

    Special Issue:
    Ludo Cuyvers, Philippe De Lombaerde and Glenn Rayp (eds.), The Labour Market Consequences of Globalization and Regionalization