Call for Papers: Forced Migration, Enterprise and Development


  • 2016•06•14     Maastricht

    Small Business Economics Journal, a leading journal in the field of entrepreneurship (impact factor 1.795) has issued a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Forced Migration, Enterprise and Development.

    The special issue will be edited by Sameeksha Desai (Indiana University), Wim Naudé (Maastricht School of Management and Maastricht University/UNU-MERIT) and Nora Stel (Maastricht School of Management and Utrecht University).

    Conceptual, qualitative, and empirical papers, which address any dimension of forced migration and entrepreneurship, are welcome. We also encourage submissions about the impact of migration on entrepreneurial activity in sender countries affected by conflict and natural disasters as well as receiver countries. Case studies of countries or sender/receiver relationships are welcome, but should carefully consider the implications for policy.

    Possible topics include (this list is intended to demonstrate and not exhaust topics of interest):
    •Studies of refugee entrepreneurs
    •Distinctions between forced migrants who become self-employed vs starting new firms
    •Methods and considerations to assess economic participation of migrants
    •Generational impact of migrant entrepreneurs / social mobility amongst refugee populations
    •Policies which affect opportunity perception and entrepreneurial action of refuges
    •Impact of forced migration on the local economy in the sender region or country
    •Impact of forced migration on the local economy in the receiver region or country
    •Destructive entrepreneurship and human trafficking
    •Political governance of refugee populations and implications for self-employment
    •Gender dimensions of entrepreneurship and labour market participation among refugee
    •Conflict-induced migration and self-employment
    •Conflict-induced migration and new firm formation
    •Climate-induced migration and self-employment
    •Climate-induced migration and new firm formation
    •The role of entrepreneurs in exacerbating or softening the impact of conflict and natural disasters
    •Economic participation of different types of migrants (e.g, employment-based, family-based, or conflict-induced)
    •Time dimensions to achieve economic participation
    •Forced migrants and skills, labor market potential, labor market readiness, and education
    •Opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in conflict affected and disaster prone countries

    The guest editors will manage the editorial and review process. All papers will be subject to the standard referee process of Small Business Economics, and will undergo a final review by the Editorial Board after conditional acceptance by the guest editors.

    Full paper submission should be made via email to by 31 August 2016. Please include “special issue – Forced Migration, Enterprise and Development” as the subject line. Questions may be directed to any of the guest editors.

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