Multiculturalism Globalized: Analyzing global intercultural dialogue initiatives within the logic of Philosophical Multiculturalism

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    Photo: UN Photo

    There has, in the past decade, developed a new type of discourse at the UN-level regarding intercultural dialogue. Theory of this sort has been developed and examined at the state-level since the 1960s, under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’. This project argues that existing debates in state-level multiculturalism discourse can shed light on the practical problems currently experienced in global intercultural dialogue initiatives. It posits that an analysis of global intercultural dialogue through the lens of state-based mosaic multiculturalism can help to foster a stronger theoretical background and more productive practical endeavour.

    This research project is part of UNU-GCM’s research programme “Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue”, and its principal investigator is Dr Tendayi Bloom, research fellow at UNU-GCM.

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