Migration and Health

Migration and Health is a key focus area of the UNU Migration Network. This includes ensuring that migrants are included in Universal Healthcare schemes, and an understanding that many migrant health needs are the same as those of the wider population. In addition, there are categories of migrants with both better health outcomes than locals and worse health outcomes than locals. The field of Migration and Health is understood widely to include both physical and mental health, as well as the role of a variety of factors in access to health and health-seeking. This includes cultural, linguistic, political, and other factors. Research in this area also touches upon the impacts of migration upon health within host societies, and the effects of this on migration policy.

Contact persons for this research area are:

Ana Amaya (UNU-CRIS; subareas: health migration and regionalism)

José Siri (UNU-IIGH; subareas: migrants' health in destination countries)

Michaella Vanore (UNU-MERIT: health of those who stay behind, health in displacements camps)