IOM Afghanistan Migration Profile and New Data Collection (2011-2012)


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    This project involves the preparation of the first migration profile for Afghanistan. The migration profile is a comprehensive document addressing all facets of migration in Afghanistan. The project includes a comprehensive assessment of all available data in addition to the collection of new data. Primary data collection on migration and remittances is necessary as there is little information currently available in Afghanistan. The new data includes 1000 questionnaires completed with migrant, non-migrant and return migrant households across selected regions of Afghanistan. The survey results are incorporated into the planned migration profile. The migration profile consists of two parts:

    1) Comprehensive overview of current migration patterns based on existing migration data sources and acquired new migration data on Afghanistan;

    2) Report on circular migration and remittances in Afghanistan.

    More info:

  • 1) Comprehensive assessment of currently available data

    2) Implementation and Analysis of a survey on migration and remittances to 1000 participants.

    3) Preparation of a Migration profile