Irregular Migration from Afghanistan

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    Project 1

    Based on the IS Academy: Migration and Development survey of 2,005 households in Afghanistan this project examines the determinants and processes of irregular migration from Afghanistan. The paper will use quantitative analysis to compare households with an irregular migrant to all other households in the sample. The results will provide an understanding of the reasons and processes of irregular migration from Afghanistan and if there are any characteristics that would make a household more likely to have an irregular migrant.

    Project 2

    This research project will examine the reason, decision making factors, processes and experiences of irregular Afghan migrants in their migration from Afghanistan to the Netherlands. Afghans are still the largest asylum seeking population in the world and the number of irregular Afghan migrants is growing in Western countries. This project will provide an understanding of the decision making factors involved in Afghan irregular migration, their experiences in transit and the reasons for the destination choice of the Netherlands. The project will explore the interplay between migrants agency and structural conditions in Afghanistan and the Netherlands in determining voluntariness and choice in irregular migration.

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