Remittances Study on the Needs and Wants of African Migrants in Europe (2010)

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    This was part of a large-scale research initiative funded by the European Commission. The entire study—of which the MGSoG research was but one part—aimed to promote financial access to migrants by fostering competition in the money transfer market, building partnerships between and among microfinance institutions in ten sub-Saharan African countries and migrant associations across Europe, and providing microfinance institutions in select African counties with the technical assistance to develop more competitive money transfer services. Within this larger initiative, the study conducted by the MGSoG involved conducting short surveys among 3000 African migrants living in selected European countries.

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  • 1) Development, implementation, and analysis of small-scale questionnaire implemented among 3000+ African migrants living in one of the ten specified European countries.

    2) Preparation of a diagnostic report detailing the financial services needs and wants of African migrants and specifying what financial tools would be most appropriate to facilitate investment using remittance transfers.

    Final Report

    Final Results