The Fukushima Global Communication Programme (FGC)

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    The Fukushima Global Communication Programme (FGC) is a research and dissemination initiative of UNU’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) – a research and teaching institute based in Tokyo that focuses on sustainability and its social, economic and environmental dimensions.
    The programme applies a human-centred approach to examine impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident of March 11, 2011 on people and society, and the challenges of the recovery process in Fukushima. These challenges cut across multiple policy areas and academic disciplines, raising complex social, economic, political, legal, scientific and environmental questions.
    The issues of protracted displacement, loss of livelihoods and uncertainty about the future are threatening the continuity of the affected communities. The consequences of the nuclear accident, such as radiological contamination and health concerns, are complicating the recovery process.
    FGC conducts research on these issues through field research in Fukushima and a series of collaborative research workshops, engaging a broad network of both Japanese and international experts.
    The aim is to share lessons learned from Japan’s experience with the international community, while also bringing relevant international expertise to Japan.
    In migration field, FGC focuses on the issue of disaster induced displacement and mobility, linking these to the wider international discussions in areas such as disaster risk reduction, durable solutions and humanitarian to development transition.
  • Dr. Ana Mosneaga – UNU-IAS