Migration and Development

The UNU Migration Network considers questions of Migration and Development in line with UNU’s focus on development. The UNU Migration Network also produces research that is relevant to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Development, as examined by the Network is a complex and multi-faceted concept, involving cultural, political and social elements. The projects addressing this focus area consider both how migration enriches societies, and how vulnerabilities force mobilities, affecting cultural, political, economic and social development. Patterns of globalization and regionalization have significant impact on socio-economic development, the labour market and governance. Projects addressing this consider South-North, North-South, and intra-regional migration flows, examining relations between receiving and sending countries and the dynamics of these relationships. Under the focus area of development, there is also work looking at the causes and consequences of migration, including factors often missed in research in this area. Projects in this focus area aim to supply work to support evidence-based policy-making, as well as evaluations of existing programmes and policies related to Migration and Development.

The contact person for this research area is:

Dr Melissa Siegel (UNU-MERIT)