Migration, Governance and Policy

In line with UNU’s key role as a think-tank and policy-influencer, projects of the UNU Migration Network within the Migration, Governance and Policy focus area provide a vehicle for good initiatives and local practice in this area. They draw attention to a much larger range of stakeholders than is sometimes considered in migration policy-making and enable a range of stakeholders to influence policies, plans and practical interventions in international, regional and national processes. Projects in this focus area adopt an inclusive approach to the study of Governance and Policy in terms of migration-related processes and to ensure the sustainability of policy-making.

Contact persons for this research area are:

Megha Amrith (UNU-GCM; subareas: migration and urbanization)

Valeria Bello (UNU-GCM; subareas: integration policies; anti-discimination policies; migration and digital technologies)

Stephen Kingah (UNU-CRIS: legal frameworks for migration; migration and corruption)

Elaine McGregor (UNU-MERIT; subareas: policy coherence, migration governance)